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Care Partners and Caring for Seniors with Randy Platt and Rodney Burris

Episode Summary

Scott Heinila sat down with Randy Platt and Rodney Burris, the founders of Care Partners, to discuss their professional philosophy that focuses on compassion and love and is built on a foundation of skilled associates with true expertise delivering exceptional care. Randy and Rodney both came from health care backgrounds and launched Care Partners in 2017. Care Partners is a caregiving organization that provides home care, transitional medicine, and senior placement for patients in need. In this episode Randy and Rodney share their unique approach to optimizing their business, valuing not only their patience but also their staff of caregivers, being intentional about how they pair caregivers to patients, and customer referrals and reviews are the best marketing tool they utilize. ** This is the Optimized Advisor Podcast, where we focus on optimizing the wellbeing and best practices of insurance and financial professionals. Our objective is to help you optimize your life, optimize your profession, and learn from other optimized advisors. If you have questions or would like to be a featured guest, email us at optimizedadvisor@mailpcwest.com

Episode Notes

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